jsteimle_face_largeHi, my name is Josh Steimle, and I’m an entrepreneur.

About The Book

I launched a business in 1999 that turned into a hellish experience. By the time I started to recover seven years later I didn’t have much other than my family, a mountain of business debt, and a wealth of experience. I started blogging about my experiences and created a list of 75 answers to the lead-in “You might be an entrepreneur if…” Now I’m making that list into a book. If you have a loved one about to plunge off the cliff of entrepreneurship this book may give them second thoughts. If not, then they’ll be better prepared the pitfalls I got myself into. This book will strip away the positive veneer that often accompanies tales from startups and entrepreneurs and show the grimy underbelly of what entrepreneurs often go through. At the same time, it will show why running your own business is still worth it.

Release date: 2014

About The Author

Husband, father, triathlon, skateboarding, startups, entrepreneurship, writing, reading, snowboarding, politics, economics, government, online marketing, social media, self storage.

I started my first “real” business, currently operating under the name MWI, in 1999 while a student at BYU in Provo, Utah.

I blog at, and am a contributor to Forbes Magazine.

I currently live in Hong Kong with my wife and two children.

Please feel free to contact me at


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